In 1999 we broadened our business by incorporating a custom Laser Cutting Department, upgrading from prevoius 10 years of CNC plasma cutting. With a total of 4 lasers: (1) Fiber Optic laser and (3) 4000 watt lasers including one with a  Rotary Index to laser cut your items from Tubing,  Angles, Formed channels etc., we can provide accurate, repeatable parts. From one to thousands.   Our lasers allow us to cut precious metals such as copper, brass and titanium, up to 3/8" thick aluminum, up to 1/2" thick stainless steel and up to 1" thick mild steel and galvanized steel.   We can also form your parts if needed and weld them!

In February 2020 Kemlee purchased a 48" bed Shot Blaster for rust removal to clean parts prior to powder coating and other applications!


How do I clean stainless steel?

please click here to access the cleaning handbook

What is #201 stainless steel?

Here is more information on type #201 stainless steel. Click Here.

What is Kemlee Mfg. Inc. standard warranty?

See our standard warranty here.

Can Kemlee Mfg Laser cut parts from tubing?

YES, our Rotary Index option allows us to cut precision parts from Tubing (square or round) & angles or channels.

What digital part files works best for Kemlee Mfg?

We can use .DWG & .DXF file types.

What are your laser cutting limits?

We can cut up to ¾”thk.  carbon steel, 1/2” thk. stainless steel & 3/8” thk aluminum.

Does Kemlee Mfg accept major credit cards?

YES! if that is your desired choice of payment, we will be glad to accommodate you.  (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover)

Can Kemlee help me with a special or unusual design?

YES!  you let us know what you want or need and our knowledgeable staff  will guide you through the design process.

Will stainless steel stick to a magnet?

Generally speaking, no. However type #430 stainless IS the exception to the rule. #430 stainless steel will stick to a magnet.

Can stainless steel rust or corrode?

in short YES! type #430 stainless can rust in a normal environment. #201 & #304 can also rust if the conditions are right.  Chlorine (bleach) or various types of floor strippers for instance can all attack stainless steel and cause rust and corrosion. 

What are the differences in the types of Stainless Steel?

It’s the alloy make-up that makes different stainless steel types. Type #201 & #304 are most commonly used in the foodservice industry. #316 is generally used more in the laboratories and any special environment where #201 & #304 may not be suitable.

What types of materials does Kemlee Mfg use?

We have a range of materials to use depending on the application or customer preference. We stock #304 stainless,  #201 Stainless and #430 Stainless. We can order type #316 stainless when it is needed. We also have a range of Galvanized, Annealed and steel as well. 


To say that Kemlee Mfg. and Danny Henderson work wonders is an understatement.  I am a very busy purchasing agent/office manager so my schedule tends to get a little crazy at times.  I can always count on Danny to help me out when  I get in a bind on deadlines.  They do quality work for a very reasonable price and in a timely manner. I have come to depend on them because they always do such an amazing job. I recommend them to other companies, because I know they will do a quality job for them.  Danny and his staff have my upmost admiration!!!

CH (Machine Shop)

Kemlee Mfg. has always been a good vendor for us. Someone we can rely on to get the job done on time with good quality and packaged properly. If a job gets moved up on us and we need to adjust our schedule to meet demand we know Kemlee will do their part to fulfill the new expectation.

SC (Metal Supplier)

When we need parts cut out with precision, Kemlee Mfg. is the only place we go. If you haven't seen parts cut from one of their lasers you need to check them out, they are exceptional. Danny and the entire staff at Kemlee do an excellent job and we know we can trust them to get us our parts when we need them. Thank you Kemlee for all the quality work you do for us.

CD (Equipment Dealer)

We've been working with Kemlee for over 2 years now.  They are great group of people to work with and their lead time is the shortest around.  Their pricing is competitive, but best of all is their service.  They have cut parts for us same day as the order when we were in a bind and needed them "now".  We use them for flat laser, tube laser and have quit doing our own brake work and given it to them.  They are a key to our success and we look forward to continuing working with them for our laser needs

JH (Commercial Bagging Equipment)

Great Service.  Need to pick up parts at 5 am or 8 pm, no problem.  Your drawing is on a napkin, no problem.  Need it fast, no problem.  They make you feel like you are their only customer.  If you are not using Kemlee, you should be.

MP (Farm Equipment Dealer)

Kemlee has been a reliable and consistent manufacture for our production line for over 5 years, They always stand behind their work and provide an excellent job from start to finish. I would recommend anyone looking for a fabrication shop to give Kemlee a call

CZ (Gaming Industry)

We have done business with Kemlee for many years, and have always been happy with the quality, service, and lead times.  They are a great company to work with.

MF (Veterinary Equipment Dealer)